Introducing Queen of the Fairies;
Aine Aromatics new Fragrance!

Fairy Potion #9

In collaboration with

jivamukti yoga

A majestic potent infusion of: flower essences and organic essential oils. Within each bottle is an activated singing quartz crystal, which is known as a record keeper. In each crystal we’ve invited the energies of the fairy world to join us in our personal sacred circle ceremonies and to aid in visionary heaven & earth connection for physical and ethereal harmony. We ask the love and light deities for courage, guidance and protection.

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Fairy Potion #9


Thank you for discovering Áine Aromatics. We are a growing, innovative company with a deep respect and integrity for people and nature.

Our aromatic bath and body products are specially formulated, thoughtfully blended and hand crafted to help your body and spirit glow.

We have made our best effort to provide a product line that is environmentally and socially responsible by using organic ingredients and minimal packaging in an effort to be more sustainable. Most of all, take time to love and heal by restoring your divine self with uplifting organic products.  

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